Informationen über den Blutzapper nach Dr. Beck, Blutelektrifizierung, Magnetpulser, kolloidales Silber, Blutreinigung

Vergleich Beck Zapper und Clark Zapper

Beck's Zapper
Clark's Zapper
How does it work?

The principle behind the Beck’s Zapper was discovered at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1991; when the HIV virus is exposed to a small current (100 micro amps) it lost the ability to infect White Blood Cells. The current damages the outside of the micro organisms making them weaker and more vulnerable to attack by the body’s natural defence mechanism.

How does it work?

The principle behind Clark’s Zapper is resonance. Theoretically by exposing a micro organism to its resonant frequency you will make it burst. What is resonance? A good example is a wine glass, when you rub your finger around the edge it resonates, by playing this sound back to the wine glass with a powerful sound system you will make it shatter. This principle was discovered by Hulda Clark herself.

What does it feel like to use?

The electrodes of the Beck’s Zapper are placed on the ankles. You use a knob to control the amount of power that goes to the electrodes. It feels like a slight electrical 'thump' alternately at each ankle. You adjust the knob to a comfortable level during your treatment. Each treatment session is usually about 1 hour.

What does it feel like to use?

The Electrodes of the Clark Zapper are tubes which are held in the hands. There is no control on the Zapper you just switch it on and hold on to the tubes. There is usually little sensation when using this Zapper, some people feel a slight warming of the hands. Treatment times are 7 minutes repeated at 20 minute intervals for 1 hour.

What can it help?

Beck makes very cautious claims about what his device can theoretically help. So theoretically it can help with HIV, AIDS, Cancer, etc and any systemic invaders in the blood. He calls his device a blood purifier.

What can it help?

Clark claims her device is the cure for all diseases, see her book “The cure for all diseases”.

Our Laboratory tests

The Beck’s Zapper SIGNIFICANTLY slowed down growth rates of bacteria, yeast and moulds in the test tube as compared to the non treated positive controls.

Our Laboratory tests.

The Clark’s Zapper did not have any effect on growth rates, the treated cultures had the same growth rates as the positive controls. However what happens in the test tube may not reflect what happens in the body!

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